Saturday, 26 January 2008

Maroon 5 vs Spiller & Sophie Ellis Bextor Mash Up

This mash was first premiered last year on Sim Courtie's Saturday Show on BFBS Radio 1 and was due to get it's first 'live play at 'Mashed' in Croydon in November (but we all know what happened there !!!!)

Since then it has gone through a few tweaks and this version, which Scott Johnson @ ramdomthoughts premiered on show 89, is the 'final cut'. Featuring Maroon 5 on vocals, with a little bit of backing from Sophie Ellis Bextor, and the superb music from Spiller, please relax, sit back, have a martini and listen to........

"Makes Me Wonder If This Aint Love"

It's at the usual place : on mashups page 7

I hope you enjoy,

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Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Clash vs Marvin Gaye

First of all - Happy New Year !!

Right.....on with the music !!

This mash was first featured on the Joe Strummer mashup tribute album compiled by Tim Baker @ Radio Clash and released as an internet album in December. I have now put my contribution on my site and you can check it out on it's own at : on mashups page 7

You can also download the entire album including artwork here :

Enjoy both !!!

Until the next one,