Tuesday, 19 August 2008

GYBO Recommends............Bobby Martini !!!!!

GYBO - the worlds largest bootleg and mashup forum has recently introduced a 'Gybo Reommends' section. Always one to see what I might be missing, you can imagine my suprise and delight at seeing that I, Bobby Martini, have been chosen as the first recommendation for my recent Leona Lewis/Queen "Bleeding GaGa" mashup.


Thanks to whoever put the track forward. Glad you liked it, and I hope I can make that page again sometime.

If you haven't heard the track yet, head over to my main site : www.bobbymartini.co.uk and check out mashups page 8 where can you download this and all my other recent mashups.



Saturday, 16 August 2008

Hoosiers vs Katy Perry - "I'm Worried I Kissed A Girl Called Ray" - Mashup

This was one of those mashups that came together quite quickly (whereas others can take weeks and even months). There are a number of Katy Perry mashups out there at the moment and some you may prefer (especially DJ Fac's which is nothing short of excellent) but try this one anyway - it won't take long - it's just under 3 mins !
Hoosiers "I'm Worried About Ray"
Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl"
"I'm Worried I Kissed A Girl Called Ray"
You can download for free @ http://www.bobbymartini.co.uk/ on mashups page 8

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Queen vs Leona Lewis - "Bleeding Ga Ga" Mashup

This is probably one of the most 'radio friendly' mashups I have ever done.

There have been many Leona Lewis mashups done in recent months and I thought it only fair to join the band wagon so here is my contribution !

Queen - "Radio GaGa" vs Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love"

"Bleeding GaGa"

It's available on mashups page 8 @ www.bobbymartini.co.uk



Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Kate Bush vs Nightcrawlers - "Running Up That Feeling" Mashup

Well, this is not a combo most people would think of but I'm not most people.

Probably the greatest living UK Female artist, Kate Bush, fused with one of Scotland's most prolific song writers, John Reid aka Nightcrawlers, produces something quite sublime really.

Take Kate's "Running Up That Hill" and blend it with a couple of different versions of Nightcrawlers "Push The Feeling On" and you get "Running Up That Feeling".

This is the second mashup I have produced at my recently aquired 'Touchpad Studios', the first being "Killer Client" and I'm liking what I'm producing there.

The mash, along with all my others, is available at my main site www.bobbymartini.co.uk on mashups page 8.